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Selling Flood-Damaged Car in Queensland

How and Where to Sell Your Flood Damaged in South East Queensland?

If you live in flood prone Queensland areas  mainly the city of Brisbane that suffered major flooding, along with the cities of Maryborough, Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Logan City, the Gold Coast, Murwillumbah, Grafton, Byron Bay and Lismore. You’re familiar with the damage that can be caused by flood waters or the strong winds associated with these storms. Living near flood risk areas can complicate life, especially during rain season, which historically runs from January to March.

cash for flood Damaged cars brisbane

Cars and other property can be susceptible to minor water damage or even become fully submerged in high water. Exposing a vehicle to severe storms and flooding can cause long term water damage to cars, trucks, SUV’s and boats. The scary part is that the issues might not necessarily be apparent until much later in the vehicle’s life.

Fortunately, if you have a flooded car from a recent tropical storm caused low pressure system over Queensland’s southern coast, we can help. No matter what degree of water damage your vehicle has sustained, give us a call. Even if your car has been declared a “write-off car“, you can still sell your scrap car for cash to ECO WRECKERS. We pay TOP DOLLAR for makes and models, running or not.

Sell a flood-damaged car today! Don’t pay for costly repairs, new interiors or rust damage. We buy flooded cars as-is, which means you don’t have to spend a dime to get cash for your damaged car. We’ll connect your water damaged car to buyers who can recycle the parts, repair the damage or recycle the metal, without the need for you to part the vehicle or do any work to repair the damages.

What Are Flood Damaged Vehicles?

cash for flood damaged cars

If a vehicle is flood damaged, it does not necessarily mean it has been fully submerged into water. The term ‘Flood damaged vehicle’ covers all levels of damage sustained from liquids, whether it is corrosive, polluted, contaminated or saltwater damage.

Sell A Water-Damaged Car, the Easy Way

Don’t let the stress of selling a car worry you after a flood. We’re licensed professionals who have experience in extracting and towing flood-damaged vehicles, and we’ll buy and tow your car in any condition. When you’re ready to sell your water damaged car, call one of our experts in Selling Flood-Damaged Car in Queensland or fill out the form on this page to be contacted by a professional scrap car buyer. We’ll explain the quick and easy process while answering any questions you may have.

Selling Flood-Damaged Car in Queensland South

With nearly 6 main agents in Queensland, we can make you a cash offer and pick up your flooded car within 24hours! We’re one of the most trusted names in flood car buying, and we have a competitive cash offer waiting for you just one call away!

Our car buying team makes selling your flood damaged car for cash fast and easy leaving you more time to rebuild your life in three easy steps.

  • Step 1: Call 07 3275 2716 and accept your cash offer.
  • Step 2: Schedule an appointment to have us deliver your cash and pick up your car or truck.
  • Step 3: Collect your cash offer and give us your car keys.

→ When will I get paid?

Our driver will pay you at the pick-up. You can expect no negotiations or haggling. We pay you what you agreed to.

2023 Guide of Selling Unwanted Vehicle to Auto Wreckers in Brisbane

A Guide to Cash for Cars and Auto Parts 

There are many different terms used in the car wrecking business, which can sometimes be confusing if you’re not sure what they all mean.

2022 Guide of Selling Unwanted Vehicle to Auto Wreckers in Brisbane

A common term that can create confusion is ‘car breaker’, as well as ‘auto salvage’, especially when compared to a scrapyard or truck wreckers. In this guide, we’ve outlined exactly what an auto wrecker is, how it works, and have answered some of the most common wrecker-related questions, refer to our previous Brisbane Auto Wrecking Guide.

What is a vehicle wrecker?

car wrecking yard is another term for a scrapyard. It’s where old, broken or end-of-life cars and commercial vehicles are collected, resold, broken down or, in some cases, dismantled.

Depending on the rules of each auto wrecker, you can sometimes visit the yard yourself to check the cars and strip any salvage parts yourself using your own tools, or check out the vehicles they have at the yard to purchase for yourself.  Some yards will strip parts to sell before crushing the remains of the vehicle, some will sell parts online and others might sell the metal or scrap on for reuse.

Why should I use a vehicle breaker?

There are many reasons your car might be destined for the scrap yard or wreckers yard – perhaps it costs more to run than its resale value, or maybe it’s damaged, failed its Roadworthy or is simply unwanted. By letting a company like us, here at Eco Wreckers, arrange to take your old vehicle to a scrapyard or breakers yard, means the parts are likely to be reused or recycled. This also has the bonus of great environmental advantages.

However, it’s not just those looking to get rid of a vehicle that can make the most of a car dismantler. If you’re after some specific items for your current car, such as a wing mirror or used tyres, then exploring the breakers yard could offer some affordable, second hand options.

Can you walk into a car wrecking yard?

Many car breakers in Brisbane do allow you to visit in person, to see which second hand parts and items they have.

In the past, you’d be able to head to any car breaker and root around for car parts or components yourself. With cars stacked one on top of the other, keen-eyed visitors would be free to ferret through the scrapped vehicles to remove and purchase their required items. Now, car wreckers are a little more health and safety conscious, so you may not always be able to go armed with your toolbox to fish out car parts independently.

How much will a Brisbane wrecker pay for unwanted vehicle in 2023?

The amount of money you can get from scrapping your car depends on several factors, from the condition of it, to its weight in scrap metal. See our How Much is my Car Worth’ guide for more information about the different elements that could affect the value of your scrap vehicle.

Your first thought on learning your car is only good for the auto wrecker’s yard is likely to be the money you’re losing. Or more importantly, whether you’re likely to be able to to be if you’re able to claw anything back from the car’s scrap value. Sadly, there’s no guarantee that you will, as in these globalized times the value of your wreck has more to do with the prices of recycled steel, copper and aluminum than what it might have been worth in working order. When prices are at their lowest, Some companies might even attempt to charge you to take your car away, but at the very least you should demand a free collection.

If you’re wondering how on earth you’re meant to know what global commodity prices are doing when it comes to scrapping your car, there’s a simple way to find out. Don’t sell (or give your car away) to the first scrapper who answers the phone. Call three or four vehicle recyclers, and aim to pick the best offer that’s made – you’ll soon get a feel for anyone trying to take you for a ride.

Vehicle Type Prices
Sedan $400 – $9,000
4×4 $800 – $12,000
Hatch Back $300 – $6,000
SUV $500 – $10,000
Wagon $500 – $9,000
Truck $1200 – $19,000

Obviously, it’s illegal to sell or dispose of a vehicle which has an outstanding finance agreement. If you find yourself in a situation where your financed vehicle has been written off, it’s best to notify the relevant financial parties immediately.

What are the benefits of using auto salvage for parts?

  • Cost Savings – Sourcing multiple used parts from one location could save you a considerable amount of money over buying the individual parts brand new
  • Save Time – Dismantling all your parts from one vehicle during one breaker session could also save you time from researching, purchasing and waiting for the delivery of parts online
  • Environmentally – Recycling used parts can also help the environment as it reduces the manufacturing demand of new parts.

So, the final question is: To wreck or to scrap…

Well, if you are using Eco Wreckers we will ensure the best Auto Wreckers offer you a price for your unwanted vehicle, taking all the stress and hassle away from wondering who to call next.