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Sell Car for Parts in Brisbane


Talk to the scrap car specialists! – Sell Car for Parts in Brisbane!

If you have an old car that’s not worth repairing, don’t let it take up space on your property. Sell Car for Parts in Brisbane is car removal service. We’ll take your car away, and pay you a fair price for it. You’ll not only have space on your drive, you’ll have money towards buying a new vehicle.

Sell Car for Parts in Brisbane

• Non running vehicles
• Cars that would cost too much to repair
• Unwanted commercial vans
• Salvage cars
• Used/old vehicles
• Fire damaged cars
• Post-accident vehicles
• Running cars that can’t find a buyer

Turn old cars into instant cash!

You could have a vehicle sitting unloved and unused on your drive. We’ll take any car or van, not just non-runners, and can collect from across Brisbane metro at times to suit you.

With your permission, if the car can be repaired, we may ask you if you mind it being sold at auction or if you would prefer us to scrap it.

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Should I scrap my car or recycle it?

By recycling your car, you help the environment and your pocket. Your old car will be recycled at a de-pollution center, and you’ll get a receipt of disposal, so you can reclaim unused road tax from the TMR.

We ask all of our customers to give our service a rating out of 5, based on our communications, politeness, quotation price and overall quality of service. We are delighted to report that Ms Juliette rated us as a 5/5, thanks to offering ‘the best cash for car quote’ and ‘speedy collection’.  Another job well done. Who is next? Could that be you? Are you looking to Sell Car for Parts in Brisbane or another area of Queensland? Then get in touch – we offer some of the best prices available for scrap cars, a very fast service, and cash on collection.

CALL Sell Car for Parts in Brisbane Team!

CALL 0408 616 667

BMW Dismantling Yard Brisbane


If you’re looking to sell your BMW using a car buying company it’s important you compare offers from as many different buyers as possible…

BMW Dismantling Yard Brisbane

Eco wreckers have been designed to help you sell your BMW quickly and easily matching your vehicle details with a database of hundreds of different BMW dealers, specialists and car buying companies across Queensland and Australia.

By offering your BMW for cash purchase to lots of different buyers you greatly increase your chances of obtaining the best possible price and it’s as simple as completing one quick online form.

BMW Dismantling Yard Brisbane Buy any BMW model

Looking to shift a BMW 1-Series, 3-Series, 5-Series or 7-Series? We’ll buy any BMW as soon as the very same day.

If you’re driving something a little sportier, like the M3, M5 or Z4, the Cash for Car Buyers team will give you a car valuation to make sure you get the very best price when you sell your car.

BMW car parts – buy used parts from trusted breakers

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When you need to maintain your BMW, the cost of parts can quickly add up. To save money on BMW car parts consider purchasing from a breaker yard where used, reconditioned and new parts are available at much lower prices. Brisbane car wreckers brings auto dismantlers from across the country under one ‘roof’ making your search as quick and easy as possible.

  • 1 Series , 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series , 7 Series, 8 Series
  • i3, i8, M , M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8

Used BMW car parts 

bmw car buyers new zealand

Should you need any advice on finding BMW spares, please contact our BMW Dismantling Yard Brisbane helpline number for assistance.

  1. BMW Batteries, BMW Engines, BMW Exhausts, BMW Bonnets, BMW Bumper
  2. BMW Alternator, BMW Clutch, BMW Starter Motors, BMW ABS Parts
  3. BMW Window Regulator, BMW Gearbox, BMW Parcel Shelf, BMW Fuel Pumps
  4. BMW Air Con Parts, BMW Wing Mirror, BMW Sat-Nav, BMW Fuel Injectors
  5. BMW Alloy Wheels, BMW ECU, BMW Doors, BMW Windscreen, BMW Seats
  6. BMW Power Steering Parts, BMW Headlights, BMW Catalytic Converter

BMW engines and gearboxes

We sell BMW engines and BMW gearboxes at truly incredible online discounts. These can all be found with us online now!! Please start by entering your vehicle details.

We specialize in breaking and dismantling a wide popular range of BMW and Mini models for quality used car parts and spares. Our stock of recycled breakers parts includes full engines, gearboxes, electrical and mechanical suspension parts, leather and cloth car interiors, car trim parts, body panels, alloy wheels and lights covering the BMW 3 series from the E30 model upward, the BMW 5 series from the E34 and the 7 series from the E32.

Our BMW part delivery information and times

For a speedy BMW car part delivery our BMW suppliers will aim to deliver next day within Brisbane and couple of days to Queensland towns. Please be aware larger or heavier BMW parts may take longer. Note that freight cost is borne by customer.

You can telephone us on 0408 616 667 with your requirements or send this form and we will contact you ASAP. You can call in person to our auto salvage yard in Rocklea. We are a specialist BMW Dismantling Yard Brisbane and have thousands of parts available. Most parts are available off the shelf ready for immediate collection or delivery .

Most parts are available for all BMW models such as:

1 SERIES | 1 SERIES M COUPE | 3 SERIES | 5 SERIES | 7 SERIES |8 SERIES | M COUPE | M ROADSTER | M1 | M3 | >M5 | X1 | X3 | X5 | X6 | Z1 | Z3 | Z4 | Z8

For more German spares please find the following links helpful: